Making Jeans Fit

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We’ve talked a little on our website about how we’ve created the HERA Denim fit. But we want to take you further into the reasons why our jeans are going to fit you better than other jeans out there.

After interviewing and surveying women, we knew HERA Denim was going to be all about fit. Although there were many varying fit problems in the world of women’s jeans (as you can imagine), we found there were common complaints of waist gaps, tightness in thighs and no room for comfortable movement in the hips and bum.

To take on these problems, we wanted to find women in the community who experienced them, and chose them to be our fit models. We’ve had women ranging from sizes 6 - 16 volunteer. As we met with them, we took their measurements and compiled them together. We were looking for a common measurement to work with, something that would help create a great fit for all. We decided it was the ‘ratio’ of their hips and waist that would allow us to find common ground.

The ratio is created by subtracting the waist measurements from the hip measurement. We found an average ratio to work with and even compared this to the ratio of common denim brands out there - ours was unique. So we started developing the jeans pattern from there. We used vintage Levi’s to generate the initial pattern, but then applied our unique hip to waist ratio.

HERA Denim how jeans fit

Many samples later, the jeans are looking great on our first round of fit models. We’re sampling in groups of sizes and we’ve started with a size 8. Soon we'll be testing and checking the fit of more sizes. We are looking at whether any fit problems arise as the body size increases; we want to ensure a great fit from our size 6 right through to our 16. 

As a brand that is about inclusivity we’ll be looking to offer an all inclusive size range traditionally known as ‘plus size’ in future. When we do develop this size range, we will ensure they are well sampled and fitted to these women just like the size range we’ll be launching with. 

You can read a little more about the fit here.