Jeans that fit.

Jeans fit for you.

We respond to a need for a different kind of sizing. Small at the top and roomy at the bottom. HERA jeans fit small waists and wide hips.

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“The most common complaints about standard jeans were of loose waists and tightness in the thighs.”

Freya, the first of many.

Our best seller Freya is named after the goddess of love. Which is only fitting for a pair of jeans that loves your shape.

Made to be worn.

Made well, made ethically, with quality materials and methods. So your jeans can be worn in life, for life. To only get better with age.

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I honestly believe they can make anyone feel confident in their body as soon as they put them on. So grateful for these jeans, that acknowledge and celebrate body diversity.

Woman wearing HERA Denim jeans with high waist and wider leg. Tall women in jeans. made in australia mum jeans mom jeans boyfriend vintage style jeans

They perfectly shape my bum and hug my hips and waist for an ultra flattering shape with no waist gap!

HERA Denim jeans look great on Meagan. She wears Freya. A high waisted, wide leg blue jean. It has heritage vibes, being made out of quality Japanese denim.

The denim and cut make me feel confident in my body.

Girl wear HERA Denim jeans in nature looking happy in jeans that fit vintage inspired faded blue jeans baggy jeans in vintage denim original style jeans

They sit beautifully around the waist and are so comfortable, look amazing and I feel great in them.

Jeans for women with curves wearing them on the beach japaense denim faded blue jeans vintage classic jeans