Jeans that fit.

Our jeans fit.

HERA Denim responds to a need for a different kind of sizing. We heard the complaints of women who felt their body shapes had been ignored. They told us of waist gaps, narrow thighs, and restrictive hips... so we decided to do something about it. 

We want you to be able to move and dance and play in your favourite jeans. To celebrate your wide hips and full bums. We want you to reach for your HERA jeans in the morning because they make you feel empowered, unstoppable, and beautiful. 

Snug at the top and roomy at the bottom, these are jeans for living.

HERA Denim jeans worn on the beach in Torquay Victoria

“You talked, and we listened. The most common complaints about standard jeans were of loose waists and tightness in the thighs.”

Hey there, Freya.

In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love, and we couldn’t think of a more perfect name for our first HERA design. These jeans are all about loving your wide hips, big thighs, and full bums. 

Cut high and cinched at the waist for a snug but comfortable fit, tapering to a wide leg that can be cuffed or left open, depending on your style.

The 100% cotton denim is the perfect faded shade of indigo blue, designed to become more unique with every wear.

Jeans made for women with big bums. high waisted wide leg jeans in 100% cotton japanese denim with vintage details worn on the beach sandy jeans

Beautiful details.

From the paperette waistband patch to the rust-coloured stitching, our attention to detail will make you love your jeans for more than their amazing fit.

Japanese denim jeans for women made in australia jeans made for women super high waisted jeans with a wide leg in vintage fades

Quality denim.

We use Japanese denim for its quality and durability. HERA jeans are dyed in classic indigo and then faded to the perfect shade of blue.

Wearing jeans on the beach in the sand. jeans made it fit ladies and girls curvy body shape jeans with high waists and baggy legs boyfriend style jeans

Melbourne made.

HERA works with a manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia. This family-run business has been making jeans for thirty years.


Our customers tell us what they think.

The Freya jeans couldn't be a more perfect fit. As a woman with a curvy figure, it's difficult to find a flattering, comfortable pair of jeans in mainstream fashion. HERA Denim hugs my bum and sits perfectly on my waist, while still being stylish and the perfect length for a tall woman. I honestly believe they can make anyone feel confident in their body as soon as they put them on. So grateful for these jeans, that acknowledge and celebrate body diversity.

Woman wearing HERA Denim jeans with high waist and wider leg. Tall women in jeans. made in australia mum jeans mom jeans boyfriend vintage style jeans

HERA Denim jeans fit like a glove. They perfectly shape my bum and hug my hips and waist for an ultra flattering shape with no waist gap! The cute HERA Denim patch artwork adds an extra luxe feel to the jeans too. Not only do they look amazing on, but they are SUPER comfortable; I can see these definitely becoming a staple piece in my wardrobe!

HERA Denim jeans look great on Meagan. She wears Freya. A high waisted, wide leg blue jean. It has heritage vibes, being made out of quality Japanese denim.

The denim and cut make me feel confident in my body. Knowing I will be able to do everyday activities - from playing with my toddler, to being out with friends - in a flattering pair of jeans, looking nice (especially as I've been wearing tracksuit or leggings most days), is so important. No waist gap, and my butt and thighs don't feel squished. I can't wait to have my very own pair at home to wear all the time.

Girl wear HERA Denim jeans in nature looking happy in jeans that fit vintage inspired faded blue jeans baggy jeans in vintage denim original style jeans

HERA Denim jeans are hands-down the best fitting jeans I've ever tried on. My long legs and small waist have made finding jeans nearly impossible for me. They sit beautifully around the waist and are so comfortable, look amazing and I feel great in them. Finally jeans that fit me!

Jeans for women with curves wearing them on the beach japaense denim faded blue jeans vintage classic jeans
Brianna Murphy founder of HERA Denim jeans made for women with curvy bodies in vintage inspired styles in high quality durable denim
A founder's story.

HERA founder Brianna comes to casual-wear from the bridal industry, which means she knows a lot about the significance of clothes: how they shape our memories, inspire confidence, or, conversely, trigger our insecurities.

It’s common for women to fall between sizes because there is nothing ‘standard’ about our bodies. As a skilled seamstress herself, Brianna brings a wealth of experience to HERA and an understanding of what it’s like to continually encounter jeans that don’t fit. Brianna combines this knowledge with a passion for body positivity and inclusivity—HERA was born from a desire to celebrate women’s bodies in all their variety.  

Read more about Brianna and her story here. 

jeans made for big bums that fit your curves and thick thighs high quality durable denim jeans with super high wasted cuts and wider leg ethically made jeans