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Jeans for a pear shape figure
At HERA Denim, we're proud to be a female-led brand that understands the needs of women, especially those with a pear-shaped figure (not that we want to call women fruits, but we know this is a term that is universally...
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Pop-Up Shop in an Art Gallery
We know that so many women want to try before they buy, especially when it comes to shopping for jeans! It can be difficult to take the plunge into trying a new style or a new brand when shopping online....
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Jeans and a nice top with HERA Denim Australian made jeans
“What are you wearing?”  “Oh, just jeans and a nice top” This used to be the fall back outfit of choice, the one you would turn to when you had nothing else to wear, but we’re making it the go-to. It’s...
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