Behind the Scenes - Fitting Jeans

Behind the Scenes - Fitting Jeans

This past week we’ve been in Melbourne visiting our manufacturer and launderer to pick up our sample jeans. We're so excited with all the things happening behind the scenes. Things that are bringing us closer to our jeans being ready to launch! 

Our sampling in the beginning was patterned and sewn by our founder Brianna. With a background in bridal and couture dressmaking, jeans were an exciting new challenge and she wanted to become an expert in the patterning and sewing to achieve the vision of the best fit.

This started with many jeans samples being made on her machine at home, before going to the Melbourne manufacturer. (To help you understand a little more about what has brought us to this point you can read about how we're achieving our fit and about how jeans are faded.)

Making the jeans through the manufacturer takes the sampling to a new level and brings a few other things to consider. The manufacturer uses many different machines to make the jeans. This means we are making decisions about the sewing method. We're also looking at all the finer details. Things like the thread colour, rivet and button colours, where to place labels and so on. 

The laundering (or fading) also brings in a whole new element to test and check. We are not only looking at the different shades of blue we can fade to, but also how the washing, the heat of the drying and ironing, affect the denim fabric and make it shrink. All these things combined affect the end result of how the jeans look, feel and most importantly fit. So we need to fit these samples again and make further adjustments to achieve the vision.

You’ll see in the images below how we have pinned in a few places, these changes have been applied to the patterns so we can go back and make another set of samples, to then check and fit again. Once this size is perfect, we will be sampling and checking more sizes, and we can’t wait!

HERA Jeans - Ladies Super High Wasted Jeans fitting

HERA - Ladies Super High Waisted Jeans

It’s all an exciting process to gradually seeing our HERA jeans come to life, ready for you to wear and love. We can't wait to show you a few more finishing touches in the coming weeks. One thing being, our special buttons and jeans patches that are in the works.

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