Pop-Up Shop in an Art Gallery

Pop-Up Shop in an Art Gallery

We know that so many women want to try before they buy, especially when it comes to shopping for jeans! It can be difficult to take the plunge into trying a new style or a new brand when shopping online. That's why we held our very first pop-up shop, so HERA customers could browse our denim and try on our jeans for size and fit.

It was such a fun weekend and what a success! Customers loved coming in, trying our jeans and we absolutely loved meeting everyone!

Take a look at the pop-up shop we set up in Newtown, Geelong. We popped-up inside an art gallery called Big Boom. We chose this gallery and space because the have a strong focus on local artist and makers. The space was perfect for our first pop-up; beautiful, relaxed, intimate and inviting.

Brianna, our founder, set up the shop with a change-room, a big mirror, some posters of our favourite campaign shoots and a few plants for that final touch. We were so happy with how it came together, we're already planning the next pop-up!

Thank you Genevieve Walshe for the amazing images.

Brianna Murphy HERA Denim's founder at the pop-up shop in Geelong

Brianna, HERA's founder and designer wears the favourite HERA Denim Freya jeans. Shop here. She wears her own top she custom designed and made.

 HERA Denim's pop-up shop in Geelong's Boom art Gallery

HERA's first pop-up shop in Geelong at Big Boom art gallery

Brianna Murphy holding HERA Denim jeans at the pop-up shop in Geelong's Boom art Gallery

The Selene jeans by HERA Denim on show at their pop-up shop

Women shopping at the HERA Denim's pop-up shop in Newtown Geelong

HERA Denim's pop up shop in Geelong

HERA Denim jeans hanging in the pop-up shop

HERA Denim shopping bag

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