HERA Denim Was Born

HERA Denim - Behind the scenes

Welcome to the HERA journal. Our very first post.

There are so many exciting things happening at HERA Denim. One of the things being we have officially launched our website, where you can come and learn about us and our journey. 

While building our website, we had an amazing photoshoot to help establish a visual identity for our brand. At the very beginning of this process, I found myself wondering how I could best represent the HERA woman. I imagined her and what she might be doing, or at least dreaming of doing. Images of grassy fields filled my vision that I couldn't shake off.

I knew straight away the photographer I wanted to work with: Marie-Luise. I am drawn to the real and unfiltered quality of her photos. I was confident she would be able to capture the vision. And she did. She was amazing to work with, and at about 34 weeks pregnant she was rolling around in the grass just to get the perfect shot! Thank you Marie!

I wanted the HERA woman to be represented by many different women. Our jeans are created to celebrate women with a smaller waist and fuller hips (women that have often felt left out because of standardised sizing). Therefore, I wanted to find models that represented this shape in varying ways, and even women who struggled with this fit problem themselves. A shout-out is needed for the amazing models who volunteered to help with this shoot. Some may think modeling is easy, but it’s really not, and these girls put in every effort to ensure we would create some stunning images. Thank you Rochelle, Olivia and Tessa.

HERA Denim - Behind the scenes

To capture the vision of the grassy field, I needed to find the perfect location. I was thinking long whimsical grass in the golden hues of our Australian summer. I felt this would represent the roots of HERA Denim, being Australian born and Australian made.

I scouted around several weeks before the shoot date to find this perfect grassy field. There it was, just near the You Yangs on the outskirts of Geelong. Thank you to Christine for allowing us onto her grassy field.

Because the product was still being perfected, I wanted the jeans to be somewhat hidden in the images, to represent what was to come. A sneak peek into what Hera Denim jeans will be. These images are the perfect introduction to HERA.

I can’t wait until the HERA jeans are ready and we can create another amazing shoot together. I will be working with the photographer Marie-Luise again and will be scouting out more models to represent the HERA woman.

Do you want to take part in modeling for HERA Denim?

We'd love to hear where you think the next perfect location would be.

Comment below. Or get in touch.

Plus, here’s a little behind the scenes.

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