Wearing Freya and Reviews

Wearing Freya and Reviews

Last weeks photo shoot turned walk with sisters got us thinking about going for a walk again whilst wearing our Freya jeans.

You see, it's really important for us at HERA Denim to present our jeans on a diverse range of women. When we were originally organising our photoshoot (that was cancelled due to quick lockdowns in VIC), we had several women who were going to be modelling the jeans together, celebrating the beauty in diversity, and representing our Freya jeans in different sizes.

Zelia was one of these women. So instead, we went for a walk together last week and took some photos on my phone.

It was a breath of fresh air to walk together. To talk about times of not loving our bodies, letting comparison get in the way. To now accepting and appreciating our bodies (all be it, challenging at times). It was fun sharing future plans for HERA Denim and styles that we would love to bring out next. And it was wonderful to see how beautiful and confident Zelia looked in the Freya jeans.

We asked her to share some honest feedback on how she felt wearing them.

"The Freya jeans couldn't be a more perfect fit. As a woman with a curvy figure, it's difficult to find a flattering, comfortable pair of jeans in mainstream fashion. HERA Denim hugs my bum and sits perfectly on my waist, while still being stylish and the perfect length for a tall woman. I honestly believe they can make anyone feel confident in their body as soon as they put them on. So grateful for these jeans, that acknowledge and celebrate body diversity."

Zelia wears the size 12 Freya jeans.

HERA Denim FREYA jean

HERA Denim Freya size 12

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