Skinny Jeans. Are They Done?

Skinny Jeans. Are They Done?

We believe women should wear what they feel amazing in. If that’s your well-loved skinny jeans, then you should absolutely wear them. Fashion trends naturally come and go, but ultimately everyone can wear what they want. However, some women’s reason for not exploring a new shape of jeans is fear. Fear of trying it out and doubt that it would suit their body shape. If this is your reasoning, we want to invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and re-think your commitment to the skinny jean. We want to challenge any woman who says they are not able to wear the looser, wider jean trend because they’re too old for that style, or that it won’t flatter their figure. Exploring fashion trends should be fun, experimental, expressive and absolutely for any age and body shape.

The ebb and flow of fashions are inevitable. What was once new will one day be old, and then one day will be new again. So, of course, this is the case with the skinny jean. It has been the core of many women’s wardrobes for years. But like any fashion, its time of being a highlight comes to an end. There are many reasons why fashion trends shift. A lot has to do with politics and the popular culture of the time, this in part is the reasons for the movement away from skinny jeans. Women are rethinking what has long been deemed as ‘flattering’. Freeing us from the idea that tight and figure-hugging means flattering or feminine or female. 

We have been seeing the fashion world embrace many different body types and representing beauty in a varied and broader sense - models of different sizes, shapes and definitions of beauty. These are all powerful changes that are showing us a variety of ways that clothing can be worn and beauty can be seen. We are re-defining what is feminine or flattering and dressing in ways that express how we feel, what we represent and what is comfortable for us as an individual.

Let’s rethink what we’ve been told to focus on when we get dressed. Let’s blur lines and redefine the rules of women’s fashion. Wear it loose because you love how the fabric feels and flows. Wear it bold because you feel confident and empowered. Wear that print because it makes you happy. Wear it because you love the message that piece of clothing represents and it puts a more confident step in your stride. Maybe you love those wide-leg jeans because the denim looks so fun and cool over your favourite boots. Or maybe those ‘mum jeans’ bring all those nostalgic feelings. Whatever it is, we can break traditional fashion rules and stereotypes and do it how we want more than ever.

Not only can fashion trends change but we can change too. Our bodies change over time, and our values, personalities and lifestyle. So you should never be afraid to explore your style and try different shapes and silhouettes. Sometimes we can get stuck in clothes that we think are best for us and our shapes. But stepping outside of your style comfort zone could be just the thing to bring you back into having fun with your style, making you feel fresh and more confident, or finding a new found love for your body. So why not explore a new style, shape or silhouette. It doesn’t mean you need to throw away your skinny jeans if they are ultimately what you love and feel amazing in. But we don’t think any woman should cross out a style or trend if it’s something they’re drawn to.

With all of this in mind, our first HERA jeans will be higher waisted, looser cuts with vintage-inspired fades. We have a big love for vintage-inspired and we find these styles have all the nostalgic feelings of the past that make them so fresh today. We’re so excited to have women wearing our jeans, to hear how they feel in their HERA jeans that fit their body, more than how ‘flattering’ they are. We want women to feel confident and empowered when they get dressed.