How to Wash Your Jeans

How to Wash Your Jeans

Your Freya jeans are going to be blessing your closets very soon. So we want to make sure they last, so you can love and wear them for years and years to come. A huge factor in helping your jeans stand the test of time is by caring for them properly. So listen up ladies, we are bringing you the knowledge on how to correctly wash your jeans and give them all the loving care they deserve.

HERA Denim holding jeans

Here are our 5 simple tips on how to wash your jeans to help them last longer.

Wash your jeans less

There’s no hard rule about how many times you should wear your jeans before you should wash them. But really, they don’t need to be washed all that often. Especially when your jeans are brand new, you really need to ‘wear them in’ so they take on your form, your movements and develop a truly personalized fit. So really try to go for as long as you can without washing them for the first time. Then only wash them when they really need it. If you reduce washing your jeans from every 2 wears to every 10 wears you can offset your carbon footprint by 80%, that’s a plus!

Freshen your jeans up between washes

To help you out with the first tip, you can use fabric fresheners between washes and just hang them outside or near a window so they get some fresh air to avoid any odour. You could also hang them in the bathroom and the steam from your shower can loosen up any wrinkles and keep them fresh. It’s also a good idea to just gently spot clean in between washes if needed.

Wash your jeans in cold water

You will need to wash your jeans at some point. When this time comes, make sure you use cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use any detergents with bleach in them, this will strip the jeans of their indigo colour. One of the big things we all love about denim is the way the indigo dye fades, but we want it to happen in a natural and controlled way. The indigo will fade too much if you are using hot water and strong detergent. It is also important to turn your jeans inside out to help maintain the colour. Hot water can cause your jeans to shrink and if your jeans have elastane or any stretch in them, the hot water can damage this fibre. This means they may take on that saggy look, damaged elastane loses its ability to recover or ‘bounce back’ (low quality stretch denim can also loose its 'bounce back' ability over time, even when following these guides).

HERA washing your jeans

Do not put your jeans in the dryer. Hang dry them

A dryer is a killer of any fibre, but jeans especially. Hang dry or air dry them always. This will help them retain their great shape. They can become very crunchy and stiff but they will quickly soften up as soon as you start wearing them again. Like with washing your jeans in hot water, the heat of the dryer can destroy your jeans, especially any stretch denim variety. 

Repair your jeans 

Something we love about denim is how it can fade and form individual characteristics because of the way each person wears their jeans. Over time your jeans develop their own story and only get better as they become more worn in. This is why we are big believers in repairing denim. If your HERA jeans are ever in need of repair, we want you to reach out to us so we can assist you in the best steps to have your jeans repaired.

So really, it’s all just very simple. Wash less, avoid heat, hang dry and repair.