How to measure your body and find the right size

How to measure your body and find the right size

When shopping online, it can be daunting to know what size to choose. Unfortunately, there is so much variety in sizing between different brands. You could easily be a size 10 in one brand and a size 14 in another. But the reality is online shopping is not going anywhere, and even with its drawbacks, it provides us with convenience and so many more shopping options. This post will take you through the basic measurements you need for most online shopping size charts, so you can have more confidence in choosing the right size.

When shopping online, there are really only three main measurements you need to take. You can easily take these measurements yourself. You just need a tape measure! These are easy enough to pick up from supermarkets or online.

Now grab your tape measure, something to write your measurements on, and get in front of a mirror. It’s best to be in just your underwear or something form-fitting like leggings.

Measuring your own waist

Measure your bust:

  • Wrap the tape measure around the back of your shoulders and over your bust.
  • Have it come around the widest point, which is usually around your nipple line.
  • Turn to check yourself sideways. Ensure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.
  • Don’t squish your boobs but let the tape measure sit firm.
  • Take down the measurement.

Measure your waist:

  • Take a tape measure and wrap it around the smallest part of your torso. This is your true waist. It’s usually a few centimetres above your belly button.
  • Check that the tape measure is parallel to the floor at the back and front.
  • The tape measure can be firm.
  • Take down the measurements.

Measure your hips:

  • Find your widest point. Look at yourself front on and side on to get an idea of where your widest point is - it’s usually about 28-30cm below your true waist.
  • Wrap your tape measure around the widest point.
  • Ensure your tape measure is parallel to the floor (it can slip around easily at your hips).
  • Ensure it is straight and parallel at the front and across your bum.
  • Take down the measurements

And done!

It’s good to take your measurements twice to double-check. Now you can use these measurements against size charts. This will make shopping online a lot easier and will help you in choosing the correct size for your HERA jeans that will be available very soon!

Last thing to remember is to not get caught up in numbers and sizes, what matters is finding clothes that fit you and make you feel amazing.