A Week in Jeans

A Week in Jeans

We recently put together a video with outfit ideas for living a week in your HERA Denim jeans, featuring the super high waisted Freya style. We hoped this video would simply give you some fun outfit inspiration, but there are some intentional values we focused on when putting together these outfits.

Our styling values:

  • Buy less and buy quality so you can make your wardrobe items work hard
  • Wear second hand and vintage clothes
  • Styling that is easy, accessible, and wearable across seasons


Let’s go a little further into these principles…

Buy less, buy quality

We made a point of reworking pieces back into outfits throughout the week. We wanted to show how quality clothing items can be reused in multiple ways, to create many different looks.

You see, we are advocates for outfit repeating. We think it is so great to find a piece of clothing, or an outfit, that you’re loving so much you just want to throw it on again and again. You know you feel confident in it, and that it just works. When looking for pieces that are going to work hard in your wardrobe, we like to focus on quality, so our clothes can stand this kind of loving wear and tear. 

Items we repeated:

  • Classic cotton white shirt 
  • Denim jacket - ours in an off white denim
  • Black tank
  • Coloured Blazer
  • Simple black sandals
  • Classic Chelsea boots (or ankle boot)
  • Black leather belt
  • Jeans (of course!)

Wear second hand and vintage clothes

There is so much used clothing in the world. We find second hand shopping a fun, often inexpensive and spontaneous way to shop that you might otherwise get from shopping at fast fashion outlets, but without the guilt attached. It is amazing how accessible second hand clothing has become. You could rummage through op shops or thrift stores. Treasure hunt at vintage shops. Search online in the marketplace, on eBay or Etsy and even search for specific brands you know you love, or go as far as to search out specific items that are on your wish list and patiently wait for them to become available second hand. You could even swap and borrow from friends or family. 

Items we found second hand:

  • Coloured blazer
  • Printed cotton shirt
  • Black leather belt
  • Green clutch bag
  • Black leather crossbody bag

Styling that's easy

No matter your personal style, it is always good to have a foundation of quality items to build from. They are the understated pieces that work hard in your wardrobe - often they're the thought through, intentional purchases you invested in. Like the simple denim jacket, a pair of great jeans, a tank top, a white shirt or classic chelsea boot. You can get your own version of these items that stay true to your personal style. But the main point of them is that they aren’t too trend heavy and they are quality, so they're able to take you through many years of wear.

We wanted to use these items to make it really easy for you to get styling ideas, as they may be pieces you already have at home.

Things we style easy:

  • White shirt and jeans - such a fall back option
  • Tank tops - worn in so much variety
  • Blazers - such a throw on that bring instant polish
  • Changing the ‘dressiness’ of an outfit by simply changing your shoes

One of the reasons we started HERA Denim was because we know how hard working a good pair of jeans can be. They tick the box of transeasonal, timeless, and wardrobe essential. That’s why we’re making quality jeans to last. 

We also know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fit. But when clothes fit, you feel good in them. That's why our jeans are made to fit women who otherwise found it impossible to find jeans, women with a small waist and curvy bum, so now you can confidently reach for your HERA jeans in the morning knowing they will work with so many outfits and throughout so many seasons.